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Posted: 2007-07-26 17:13

Ayurvedic nomenclature for Castor Oil:

Eranda Thailam
Names:- Latin Oleum ricini
Tamil Vilakkennai, Aomanakkennai
Telugu Aamudam
Canarese Harelennai
Malayal Aamanakku enna
Urdu Chiterindi-ka-thel
Eranda Thailam Madhuram
Saramchoshnam Guru Smrutah
Gulma Vaata Kaphaam schaiva
Sodhamcha Vishama Jwaram

Ayurvedic Physicians consider Eranda thaila (castor oil) as a specific for Aamavata as it helps to remove the poison from the body (“Aamavata gajendrasya sareera vanacharina, Eka eva nihantyaasu eranda gajakesari” Bhaavaprakaasa).

If I am asked to take only one drug with me, I would prefer to select castor oil as the safest and most useful one.

Externally the application of the oil is a very good treatment for cracked skin and fissures and burning sensation in the soles of the feet. Mixed with chunnam (betel leaves - India) it makes an excellent application as a plaster for itch or small boils to expedite opening.

Erandaa Thailam (castor oil) is sweet and preparations fried in castor oil are really sweet. It is also sweet in Vipaka. It is quick in action, heating and heavy. It is useful in checking Gulma, Kapha Swelling and Malarial fever.

Dose:- 1 to 8 fluid drams (1 fluid dram = 0.125 fluid ounces) to be taken with a little milk or as an enema mixed with milk.

Action:- Purgative. In small doses it is a lubricant to the intestinal canal and relieves inflammation.

Uses:- Castor oil is the best of purgatives for children. It may be used every day in teaspoonful doses mixed with mother’s or cow’s milk. In inflammatory conditions of the abdomen it is the safest purgative to be given. In combination with honey spiced with ginger it is a pleasant and specific cure for dysentery and other ulcerated conditions of the intestinal canal.

In the treatment of sprue (apthaeous condition of the mouth) it has no equal if buttermilk or buttermilk and rice or sweet fruit-juice is given as a light diet.

Extract from Ayurveda Herbs.
Learn more about Ayurvedic Medicine.

Ricinoleic Acid

Category: Properties
Posted: 2007-07-23 21:27

Since this is a vegetable oil, those unfamiliar with the healing attributed to Palma Christi castor oil can be skeptical. So, why does this liquid gold have such power?

Castor oil's effectiveness is due in part to its unusual chemical composition. It is a triglyceride of fatty acids with almost 90 percent of that fatty acid content consisting of ricinoleic acid.

Ricinoleic acid seems to be exclusive to castor oil and the high concentration of this unusual, unsaturated fatty acid is thought to be responsible for castor oil's remarkable healing abilities - which continues to be studied by science.

Ricinoleic acid is effective in preventing the growth of numerous species of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and molds. It is successful as a topical treatment for ringworm, keratoses, skin inflammation, abrasions, fungal-infected finger- and toenails, acne, and chronic pruritus (itching).

I encourage you to share your success stories.


Castor Oil Pack

Category: Applications
Posted: 2007-07-19 14:27

What is a castor oil pack?
The standard pack, recommended by Edgar Cayce, consists of Palma Christi castor oil soaked into several layers of white wool flannel (cotton flannel is also used with excellent results) and applied to the area in need of healing.

How to make a castor oil pack:
Place flannel in an enamel casserole or the top of a double boiler. Add enough Palma Christi castor oil to make it well saturated but not dripping. Warm the castor oil "pack", gently so it's not too hot to touch. Place the pack on the area to be treated and cover it with plastic food wrap (to prevent oil from migrating). Wrap the area with an elastic bandage to keep the pack in place. Place a heat source (Insta'Heat, hot-water bottle, or heating pad) on top of the pack and maintain a constant warmth throughout the treatment.

How long is a treatment?
A typical regimen, for non-acute conditions, is three times a week, every other night for two weeks with the following week off. Repeat, if necessary, until symptoms subside.

For acute situations, apply castor oil pack for 2 hours daily (or over-night) for five nights; take two nights off, then repeat the cycle for two weeks or until the condition is resolved.

In either case, individual response will differ depending on the symptoms that are being treated.

While the Palma Christi castor oil pack is working, quietly meditate to connect the mind and body healing energies. This assists the spiritual essence of the plant to assist in your healing.

For your convenience, a Palma Kit is available to facilitate this treatment.

Note: Type Castor Oil Pack in the search window to access additional information castor oil pack therapies.

Who Is Edgar Cayce?

Category: Edgar Cayce
Posted: 2007-07-17 12:24 Edgar Cayce (1877-1945)

Edgar Cayce was a medical intuitive known as the "sleeping prophet", whom many regard as the father of modern holistic medicine. Cayce was born on a farm near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, in 1877. A poor student, he received no more than a grammar school education, and eventually took up photography as a trade. He introduced castor oil packs for the treatment of many conditions. In Cayce's writings, castor oil is presented as a marvelous source of natural remedies.

Today, alternative medicine and various traditional medicines use castor oil externally for a wide variety of treatments. Edgar Cayce carefully documented the ailments and treatments for thousands of patients. These writings are compiled into volumes which serve as reference data and springboards for research. What we call Modern Medicine continues to prove the efficacy of castor oil treatments which border on miraculous.

Edgar Cayce was well-known in certain circles when he was alive but it could never be said he was world famous. He was a prolific psychic reader and healer. His health readings are contemporary in their focus, emphasizing good nutrition, exercise and natural healing.

For additional reading Wikipedia has a thorough biography.

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