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Ayurvedic Castor Oil References

Category: Properties
Posted: 2009-11-18 21:56

Erandaa Thailam (Castor oil) is sweet. It is also sweet in Vipaka. It is quick in action, heating and heavy. It is useful in checking Gulma, Kapha Swelling and Malarial fever.

Castor oil is the best of purgatives for children. It may be used every day in teaspoonful doses mixed with mother’s or cow’s milk. In inflammatory conditions of the abdomen it is the safest purgative to be given*. In combination with gum acacia and syrup or honey spiced with ginger it is a pleasant and specific cure for dysentery and other ulcerated conditions of the intestinal canal.

In the treatment of sprue (apthaeous condition of the mouth) it has no equal if buttermilk or buttermilk and rice or sweet fruit-juice is given as a light diet. It is recommended in combination with Rasna and Vatahara-oushadhas in hernia and hydrocele.

Ayurvedic Physicians consider Eranda thaila (castor oil) as a specific for Aamavata as it helps to remove the poison from the body (“Aamavata gajendrasya sareera vanacharina, Eka eva nihantyaasu eranda gajakesari” Bhaavaprakaasa).

"If I am asked to take only one drug with me, I would prefer to select castor oil as the safest and most useful one. " Pandit S.P.Tata

Externally the application of the oil is a very good treatment for cracked skin and fissures and burning sensation in the soles of the feet. Mixed with chunnam it makes an excellent application as a plaster for itch or small boils to expedite opening.

*Dose:- 1 to 8 fluid drams to be taken with a little milk or equal parts of Inji swarasam and milk or equal parts of pure honey or with an equal quantity of decoction of Hari-thaki or Sunti and honey or s an enema mixed with milk.
Action:- Purgative. In small doses it is a lubricant to the intestinal canal and relieves inflammation.
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